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We want to extend a huge congratulations to the winners and finalists of the 2019 Young Artists and Authors Showcase. For decades, Sister Cities International has leveraged the power that art has to transform societies and transcend cultural boundaries through the Young Artists and Authors Showcase. The Showcase has given youth worldwide the opportunity to express their vision for a more unified, peaceful world through original artwork and literature.

This year’s theme was “Global Citizens: Resilient Communities” which highlights the importance of citizen diplomacy and the innovative ways that an individual or community can prepare for adversity or challenges. Students were encouraged to draw inspiration from their experiences with Sister Cities, travel, exchange programs, international friendships, and the many ways that people cultivate relationships across cultures.

The winners in the art category are Rachel Amerson of Lakeland, Florida and
Misuki Tomita of Fukui, Japan Sister City -New Brunswick, New Jersey.


The finalists in this category are as follows:

Chisom Ezigbo (Roanoke, VA)
Carolyn Hanson (Red Wing, MN)
Dautey Jeremiah (San Diego, CA)
Ashley Nicole Koeing (Columbia Heights, MN)
Mizuki Nakagawa (Hot Springs, AR)
Amanda Wong (Chandler, AZ)

The winner in the photography category is Aanya Jain of Naperville, Illinois.


The finalists in this category are as follows:
Gemma Mangano
Valarie Ramos Parado (San Antonio, TX)

The winners in the writing category are Rebecca Holdren of Chandler, Arizona for her essay, and Veronica Butler of Lexington, Kentucky for her poem.


The finalists in this category are as follows:

Essay Finalists
Katherine Denzin (Santa Clarita, CA)
Caroline Parker (Lexington, KY)


Poetry Finalists
Elizabeth Bowling (Lexington, KY)
Lucy Sangobrin (Lakeland, FL)


The winners in each category will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Following the 2019 Annual Conference in Houston, TX,
the artwork will go on a tour to several cities across the United States.

For more information about the Young Artists and Authors Showcase and to request copies of the artwork, email or visit our Young Artists and Authors Showcase webpage. 

Check out our Tumblr page to view all the essay, poetry, photography and art submissions.

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